Ikebana International is a non-profit cultural organization whose objective is to stimulate and perpetuate the study of ikebana and related arts throughout the world. The Portland Chapter  is one of 164 chapters with a global membership of approximately 7,800 persons.

Membership is open to anyone interested in the cultural and artistic aspects of Japan, including but not limited to Ikebana, the Japanese Art of Flower Arrangement.

Membership includes:

  • Ikebana International publications:  3 issues/year – one glossy magazine, Ikebana International, with many photographs, and two newsletters, Sakura News and Chapter Activities.
  • Chapter 47 Newsletter

Dues –  July 1 to June 30

  • Annual International membership dues – JPY 6,000
  • Annual Chapter dues – $5.00

Note:  Dues are not prorated.  To minimize transaction fees, the Chapter collects $65.00 (subject to fluctuation in the exchange rate) from its members only during the annual renewal period, between  April 1 and May 31.  A total sum is to Headquarters, on  behalf of its members.  If you are interested to join, please send us a message.